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May 27, 2018

Dog Taxi Transportation:
To book call 604 720 0358 .

Please scroll down for the map of our service area

Yes, we have a taxi for your dog!
We have two transport services on offer:


Daily pick up and drop off of your dog to and from Dog Taxi Daycare.

If your schedule is a little hectic, we can collect your pup and bring them to Dog Taxi Daycare & Hotel, just like a school bus!
We pick up in the morning and drop off end of day, so you can get to work on time knowing that your dog is going to have a great day.
Call 604 720 0358 to arrange your dog's spot on the Dog Taxi bus route.​

Zone 0

$2.50 + GST/each way

Zone 1

$7.50 + GST/each way

Zone 2

$8.50 + GST/each way

Zone 3

$9.00 + GST/each way

Zone 4

$10.00 + GST/each way

Zone 5

$11.00 + GST/each way

Areas We Will Travel


A taxi service for your pet, anywhere you need to go

You can hire us just like a taxi, to take your furry friends anywhere they need to go! A personalized, tailor-made service to fit your needs can be arranged; whether you're moving house, need a ride to the beach, or need emergency help when plans change. We are here to help!
Other examples include:

Trips to YVR Airport and the Train Station

Veterinarian appointments while you are at work

Grooming appointments

Taking your pet to a friend's house

Call 604 720 0358 (extension 7) to arrange your pet's taxi service with our driver.

And those are the pick up for daycare and Dog Taxi rides rates... Ask us about exceptions...
See you at Dog Taxi Daycare and Hotel.